January 14, 2009

What Does Being an Emerging Baptist Leader Mean to You?

By Koffi Soke Kpomgbe, Togo

It is a grace, privilege and responsibility to be a Baptist emerging leader at a time when, to quote Brickson Sam from Sierra Leone, there is a “galaxy of the heavy weights.”

Nothing but God’s grace has made it possible for me be part of this wonderful group where I believe I have felt more true Christian love than is sometimes obvious in my own home context of local churches. I have been challenged by what we call in the German literature, “Die Interkulturalit√§t”, that is, different cultural realities but one people in Him. As I remind the emerging leaders in Togo, through fellowship we are united as Americans, Africans, Asians, and Europeans.

The humility and simplicity I noticed in our BWA coordinators and in most of the ELN members was a great lesson. I spent most of the BWA Accra meeting observing, but when I departed from the BWA Prague meeting this summer, I knew I had another family. It is more than a compulsory lesson for me to dive deeper into my commitment to the ministry; I am privileged to do so in Togo and Africa, and I have global a family I need to pray for.

We are the Emerging Leaders Family of the BWA.

God bless the ELN.

What does being an emerging Baptist leader mean to you?

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