January 27, 2009

Emerging Leaders Reach New Milestone

This week the Emerging Leaders Blog surpasses a new milestone: visits from more than 55 countries.

Countries include: 16 from Africa, 9 from Asia-Pacific, 1 from the Caribbean, 3 from the Middle East, 19 from Europe, 3 from North America, and 6 from South America.

With 280 unique visitors accessing the site in the past six weeks, the base of the Emerging Leaders Movement remains small but growing. The aim of this site is to help emerging Baptists connect with each other, discuss relevant issues, collaborate in ministry and work together to shape a Baptist movement of global impact, radical discipleship and transformative love.

Would you become a stake holder in the movement? Join as a member of the movement (top right column). Post a comment. Sign-up for RSS feeds. Share the site with friends and colleagues. Would you help us reach a goal of 500 unique visitors by the end of February?

We are well on the way, but it can only happen if we work together to build an emerging global network.

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