September 29, 2008

Reflections on BWA Experience in Prague

By Samson and Adebola Fatokun

The Prague experience ---

How great it was to be in Prague gathering again with brethren from the Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) and the Baptist community from all over the world. What a refreshing moment of reunion it was!

Just like in Accra, the previous year, the Emerging Leaders’ programme started ahead of the General Session. David Coffey’s teaching on Leadership Qualities was not only remarkable but challenged me to go back and have a noticeable impact on my community. There and then, I received a new vision for a new ministry, which I am henceforth committed to. God used that moment to talk to me loud and clear. As David said, “If you do not take any action in the next three months after leaving this place, you are not likely to take any action at all”; the vision has been shared with my mentor, my church pastor and the General Secretary of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. The vision is so big that it can only be God’s project and the zeal of the Lord will fulfill the vision.

As we meet next year in Amsterdam, at the third meeting of the ELN, you will be informed on how far the Lord has moved in fulfilling the vision he gave me in Prague.

As you remember Prague ---

As in Ghana where emotions in our hearts rose at the slave house memorial and reconciliation service, in Prague the short film on Jan Hus who stood by the authority of the Scripture against threats from the Roman Catholic authorities even to the point of being burnt at the stake also strongly touched my spirit and humbled me. What a level of commitment that was!

During the city tour organized by the Emerging Leaders Network, I noticed through many statues and ancient church buildings the strong traces of Christianity in the history of the Czech people. But today, almost the entire population of the Czech Republic does not know God. I felt very sad.

But rather than being discouraged, three of us in the ELN, were encouraged by the spirit of commitment of Jan Hus and we embarked on a Prayer walk through the city of Prague interceding for the Czech Republic and earnestly praying for a revival that will turn the hearts of the Czech people to the living God.

And as you remember Prague, do not only remember the beautiful city but also remember the major negative shift in belief in that city and join us in interceding for a revival in the land.

** Many thanks to Samson and Adebola Fatokun who are from Nigeria and are members of the BWA Emerging Leaders Network. Samson and Adebola are both employed within the airline industry and active within their local congregation.

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