September 26, 2008

Our Prayers - For Those Caught in the Path of Hurricanes

I recently saw on the news that this week for the first time 45,000 people will be allowed to return to their homes on the coast of Texas following the devastation of Hurricane Ike. Hurricane Ike followed on the heels of Hurricanes Gustav and Hanna that have collectively adversely affected Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Cuba, the United States, and the Turks and Caicos Islands. According to a recent BWA report, one pastor in Cuba reported that Gustav damaged or destroyed some 86,000 houses and that ‘all three hurricanes have caused hundreds of deaths and left tens of thousands homeless.’ (See the full BWA report at:

For those of you who have been caught in the path of these and other recent natural disasters we want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and know that the journey for recovery will be long and difficult.

For those of you caught in the middle what has this experience been like for you and what are some of your prayer requests?

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